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--Anna Gillingham, educator and psychologist

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sewickley Named "Banner Community"!

Earning the title of "Banner Community" does not just mean that Sewickley decorates its streets with seasonal banners (although the colorful hangings across Beaver and Broad are a classic Sewickley sight!).  This title carries a lot more weight behind it within Southwestern PA.

Sewickley Borough was recently chosen as a "Banner Community" of Western Pennsylvania! Ranked with 20 other neighborhoods, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, as well as The Allegheny League of Municipalities, chose Sewickley because of the amount of institutional collaboration, community activities, and educational programming available.  In short, this title states that Sewickley is an example for the rest of the region.  

Fitzgerald explained to the Sewickley Patch, "These 21 municipalities really have set a standard of how local government should function, and should be commended for the work that they do for their residents" (Sewickley Patch).

The Laughlin Center has had the opportunity to participate and witness the kind of collaboration that this title touches upon.  The first is Sewickley Non-Profit Consortium (SNPC), a group formed by Laughlin's Executive Director Doug Florey that provides Sewickley area non-profit leaders the chance to come together to pool their ideas, questions, and hold discussions.  Another is Youth Connect, a group of concerned adults and students from schools and organizations in the Sewickley area, working to provide the information, resources, and support our young people need to avoid risky behaviors and enjoy their teen years. 

Cooperation is always, always rewarded! Sewickley is now formally recognized for its tradition of collaborative culture. Well done, Sewickley Borough!

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