If a child cannot learn the way I teach, then I must teach the way he learns.
--Anna Gillingham, educator and psychologist

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Battle of the Books!

The "Battle of the Books" officially kicks off today, beginning with the sixth graders in Sewickley Academy's Hansen Library.  More high school teams are participating this year than ever before, largely due to the effort of Sewickley Public Library!  This competition, which quizzes teams on a flash round of questions based on a book list, was promoted with the intent to encourage the love for reading.  Over 60 teams from the surrounding area will be participating this year.  Seventh and eighth grades will compete tomorrow, finishing with high school rounds on March 4th.  The winners will receive a pizza party, a Skype conversation with Hold Me Closer Necromancer's author Lish McBride, as well as Penguin Bookshop giftcards.  It is wonderful to see so much excitement in our community's kids built up for the love of reading!

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