If a child cannot learn the way I teach, then I must teach the way he learns.
--Anna Gillingham, educator and psychologist

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Word of Thanks ...

A sense of peace and finality has settled over Laughlin Children's Center since the renovation contractors took their final walk-through our campus earlier last week. The dream that had only existed on colorful, blueprint drawings a mere two years ago is now a beautiful reality as the renovation project has finally reached its end. The staff have been settling in to their fresh quarters ever since the grand opening in late August. It's impossible to walk through the Center's doors without having your spirits lifted - whether it's the flower-shaped light fixtures, the cool and colorful paint schemes, the playful artwork on the walls, or the state of the art facilities - one instantly feel at home here. The place looks good!

For the past 115 years, Laughlin Children's Center has been committed to its mission of providing excellent, multi-disciplinary, education support to children and their families. Although the renovation itself is now complete, there still exists a $150,000 gap between the funds that we have already raised and the $750,000 renovation project goal. We are hoping to close this gap by the end of the year to ensure that the mission of the Laughlin Children’s Center can continue for another 115 years.

This project would have never been lifted off the drawing board without the wonderful and dedicated supporters of Laughlin Children's Center. On behalf of all of Laughlin's staff and governing boards, we want to extend our deepest thanks as well as recognize those individuals who gave so generously to the Center's renovation project.

If you haven't had a chance to see our new space yet yourself, take a look at a few pictures from our Open House below!

This beautiful renovation would have never been pushed into reality without the wonderful supporters of Laughlin Children's Center. We are thankful for the following individuals who gave to our Renovation Campaign in 2012:

Judy Allison
Jeff Anderson
Donna Bednarek, Ph.D
Patti Bennett
David & Karen Borland
Jeanne Bower
L. Spencer Boyd
Dean & Jessie Britton
Mary Florence & Fitzhugh Brown
Ralph & Barbara Burrelli
Sharon Campbell
Sandra Charko
The Child Health Association
The Ciesinski Family
James & Patricia Connolly
Joan Dessloch
Dollar Bank
Charlie & Wayneen Driscoll
Laurel & Christian Echavarria
Jill Eckert
Elizabeth Shiras Chartiable Trust at The PNC Charitable Trust Grants
Doug Florey & David Llyod
Tom & Judy Florey
Brendan & Dana Foley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Frynkewicz
The William H. & Lynn D. Gauss Foundation
Mark & Annie Gensheimer
George L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Foundation
David & Marcia Gordon
Karen Tecco Graham
Patti Halvonik
H.J. Heinz Co. Foundation
Rebecca Hetzell & Scott Robinsky
Wilson & Debbie Howell
Rick & Valerie Johnson
Thomas & Courtney Jones
Amy & Dan Joyce
Gregory & Susan Kaminski
Craig & Francye Kinney
Juergen Kloo & Julie O'Neill Kloo
Megan Kvederis
Doug & Katie Larsen
Alexander & Judith Laughlin
Alexander Laughlin, Jr.
Brooke & David Laughlin
Philip & Leslie Liebscher
Drs. Mike & Gail Mangan
Patty Maletic
Thomas L. McLeod
Glen & Diane Meakem
Richard King Mellon Foundation
Lenore Melmeyer
Mrs. William Metcalf, III
Kelly Miller
Bill & Natalie Mueller
Hugh & Eliza Nevin
David & June Nimick
Susan & Kolia O'Connor
Paul & Nancy O'Neill
Paul & Celine O'Neill
Chris & Susan Pappas
Peoples Natural Gas Co., LLC
Michelle Percey
Mary Ellen Peduzzi
Paul & Kate Pigman
The PNC Foundation
Quaker Valley School District Administration
Don Reinhardt, Jr.
Richard C. & Sandy Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rossi
Thomas Marshall Foundation
Todd Sacco
Tom & Lora Schorr
Amy & Sean Sebastian
Sewickley Academy
Mr. & Mrs. R.P. Simmns
Liza Sipe
Gertrude Stewart
James & Susan Tassone
Jim & Heather Terrell
The Hansen Foundation
The Hillman Company
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Frank & Liz Tilli
Triana Foundation
Peter & Robyn Tsudis
Jane Smith Turner Foundation
Kellie Walker
William & Susan Wardrop
Jeffery & Suzanne Watters
Paul & Kelly Wauthier
Weiner Family Foundation
Pam & Roger Wright
Susan Wright
Mr. & Mrs. John Zimmerman, Jr.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Laughlin Children's Center

- Megan Carey, Pittsburgh Fellows Program

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