If a child cannot learn the way I teach, then I must teach the way he learns.
--Anna Gillingham, educator and psychologist

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Resources for families facing anxiety and depression

Laughlin partnered with QVSD and YouthConnect to host "Signs, Signals, and Support," a mini-summit on anxiety and depression in children and adolescents. If you weren't able to attend the panel discussion at the Sewickley Valley Y's Community Activity Center, here are a few links to some of the resources our panel of experts discussed:

General Support Resources for families

www.pafamiliesinc.com - SAMHSA sponsored statewide family network - lists county by county resources for parents that may have a child with behavioral, medical, emotional and intellectual challenges. Excellent resource for support groups, trainings, research studies and the like. The local contact is Dianna Brocious - 800-947-4941.

www.nami.org - National Association for Mental Illness - support groups, and resource materials pamphlets for individuals, families and friends, across the lifespan, who may be impacted by mental health issues. Many college campuses are working to establish NAMI chapters on site. The local southwestern PA chapter is www.namiswpa.org

Depression and Youth Suicide Specific Resources -

www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org - 1-800-273-TALK - in addition to crisis support you can order prevention materials such as magnets, help cards, posters and such. The national # will route individuals to their local county crisis #.

http://www.thetrevorproject.org/ - Online support for GLBTQ youth and those who promote acceptance.

http://wellawaresp.org/ - Suicide prevention focusing on school administrators and providing free webinars on current trends and topics related to youth suicide prevention.

http://www.wellawaresp.org/audio/flash/GenerationWired.html - The following webinar addresses social networking and suicide prevention.

www.payspi.org - PA Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative - clearinghouse of state and national information regarding research, trainings and resources.

Mental Health Educational Materials (free) -

www.store.samhsa.gov - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Handouts and curriculums on a variety of mental health subjects. Parenting guide --

www.nimh.gov - National Institute of Mental Health.

www.aacap.org - American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – view Facts for Families on specific youth mental health issues.

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