If a child cannot learn the way I teach, then I must teach the way he learns.
--Anna Gillingham, educator and psychologist

Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Brainz

In need of some cool teaching tools? Want to help support Laughlin?

Now you can do both; by ordering via the link below, Big Brainz will donate up to 30% of your order's value to the Center! Check out their cool educational gaming offerings at http://www.bigbrainz.com/, but order by logging in with the URL below to assure that Laughlin receives a donation!


Here's what folks are saying about Big Brainz's TIMEZ ATTACK

Children's Technology Review: "Editor's Choice Award"
Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review: "I saw an immediate improvement in their comprehension and retention of their multiplication tables."
SuperKids Educational Software Review: "A narrowly focused educational software program, cleverly disguised as a captivating video game."
Sr. Editor Old Schoolhouse Magazine : "I've never seen an 'educational video game' that plays like this."

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