If a child cannot learn the way I teach, then I must teach the way he learns.
--Anna Gillingham, educator and psychologist

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today, Earth Day, was busy for students and teachers at The Village Preschool. The morning class hosted local musicians Jeremy Gray (of the band Almost Astronauts) and Toby Holles, who performed a number of songs for the group, including the premier of a piece written just for the class. The song, called “The Solar System” reflected the fact that the students have been learning about our planet and its nearest neighbors. “ I hear all about it...every night,” Gray told the audience with a smile.

Mercury is just like me,
Likes to turn his face toward the Sun.
Venus, she’s a genius
As she shines in our Spring Sky.
Planet Earth, for what it’s worth,
Is mostly water, like you and I.
Mars isn’t far
From your back door or mine.

The students jammed with the two musicians, both of whom have children at The Village Preschool. Sporting tee-shirts they decorated themselves with images of the planets, the children danced and sang along as Gray and Holles performed their newest piece, which includes a bit of recent history:

Jupiter, have you heard
Is the biggest one of all.
In my mind, I’d like to take a ride
On Saturn’s rings for a while.
Uranus spins on its side
Like a blue marble in the sky.
Neptune has thirteen moons—
That’s 12 more than us.
Pluto, did you know,
Used to be Number Nine.
Then they said it’s too small and cold
But it’s still a planet in my mind.

The afternoon class celebrated Earth Day 2010 outside, planting a weeping crabapple tree on the Broad Street lawn of Laughlin Children’s Center’s campus. Showing all of our students how to be good stewards of the environment is important. Along with learning success, one of the most important gifts we can give our children is a healthy planet.

The Village Preschool has just a few remaining slots for the 2010-2011 school year. For more information on the NAEYC-accredited program, contact Early Childhood Director, Karen Borland at 412.741.4087, ext. 7105, or by clicking here.

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